What is the TiVo® media device?

This is not just a DVR! A media device in every sense, TiVo combines instant access and amazing control of Freeview™ channels using your current TV, with the freedom and functionality of broadband Internet! Enjoy being able to record, pause and rewind live TV through our intuitive user interface as well as having access to our innovative broadband entertainment including on demand movies and television as well as features such as, Remote Scheduling, weather, games, and much more! That’s the TiVo experience.

The stylish and easy to use TiVo media device connects to your current TV and it makes you instantly digital-ready AND high definition-ready.

Why should I get TiVo?

With a TiVo media device, you won’t just get digital quality pictures and new TV channels, you’ll be able to control your TV like never before. Pausing, rewinding and recording live TV is just the start, you can even download the latest movies and TV shows straight to your TiVo!


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